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Tag: Advent reflections

Advent Devotional 12/21/16

December 21, 2016, Dr. Michael Faggella-Luby Scripture: Zechariah 9:9 Rejoice Greatly! I recently received a Christmas gift from someone and found myself totally unprepared. I was embarrassed at the overwhelming generosity,… Read more »

Advent Devotional 12/19/16

December 19, 2016, Zach Gutierrez Scripture: Luke 1:45-55 – Mary’s Song Rejoice and Glorify the Lord. My girlfriend just texted me “A speeding car just ran through a red light… Read more »

Advent Devotional 12/16/16

December 16, 2016, Michael McCluskey Scripture: Ephesians 4:2 Imperfection. This is the season when most people take a resolution to do something better in their life. Whether it is to… Read more »

Advent Devotional 12/14/16

December 14, 2016, Dr. Keith Whitworth Scripture: Romans 13: 11-12 About face. “Advent” simply means “coming” in Latin and beckons us to make ourselves worthy to celebrate the Lord’s coming into… Read more »

Advent Devotional 12/12/16

December 12, 2016, Sidney Dennis Scripture: Matthew 4:17 An inner change. By now we are deep in December. The stores are all vying for our attention, the Instagram’s are full… Read more »

Advent Devotional 12/9/16

December 9, 2016, Mason Wagner Scripture: 1 Kings 19: 12-13 Listening for silence in the busy season. Advent is the anticipation of the arrival of the Christ child; it should… Read more »

Advent Devotional 12/7/16

December 7, 2016, Cedric James Scripture: James 1: 12 When Preparation Meets Opportunity. 17 consecutive years of my life were largely dedicated to preparing for the challenges of competitive sports…. Read more »

Advent Devotional 12/5/16

December 5, 2016, Barbara Alvarez Week 2: Preparation Advent is the time traditionally celebrated the weeks leading up to Christmas as a way to prepare our hearts for the celebration… Read more »

Advent Devotional 12/2/16

December 2, 2016, Dr. Claire Sanders Isaiah 30: 15, 18 Expectation – the act of expecting; to expect – to wait, stay, or to look forward In January 2014 my… Read more »

Advent Devotional 11/30/16

November 30, 2016, Lea McCracken Scripture: Matthew 19:21-22 I have two young daughters who enjoy wearing their hair long. Of course, if you know me, I fail to empathize since… Read more »