Located on the first floor of Jarvis Hall, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life offers a variety of spaces to deepen your spiritual life, connect with a larger community, and engage in life changing conversations.

Multifaith Prayer Room

Our multifaith prayer room is designated specifically as a place for students to come and find a quiet space. You will find available for your use: a small labyrinth, meditation pillows in two different styles, CDs of music and chanting, flameless candles, multiple religious texts, and a variety of other prayer and meditation resources.  The prayer room is open Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm.


Our library has a wide variety of books available for your use, from Christian theology, to resources for interfaith dialogue, to daily devotional books, to numerous books on social justice issues.  When not in use by groups, this space is great to study or gather a few friends and play on the Wii!

Meeting Spaces

Our home in Jarvis offers multiple spaces for small group meetings, book studies and other gatherings. These places include our conference room, the RSL Lounge and the “back door meeting space”.  Requests by on campus religious organizations and other TCU groups to reserve any of these areas can be directed to Cindy at c.m.rodriguez@tcu.edu.

Robert Carr Chapel

Across the street, from our office, is the iconic and beloved Robert Carr Chapel.  With over 400 events and 15,000 guests annually, the chapel is an important space on the TCU campus. For more information about the chapel, visit the Robert Carr Chapel website.

Reflective Spaces across Campus

If you are seeking a quiet place to reflect, check out these spots around campus.  These are locations recommended by TCU students, faculty, and staff as calm places to catch your breath!

TCU Veterans Plaza
The Veterans Plaza embodies the sacrifice and heroism of these and all TCU veterans and their families. It stretches from the east side of Reed Hall to a fountain located northwest of the library and seating areas give visitors a spot for quiet contemplation. One of the most beautiful features of the plaza is a grove of small trees. A gap in the grove shows a patch of blue sky — the absence of trees representing Horned Frog heroes who did not return.

TCU Sundial
The TCU Sundial is a large precision instrument with no moving parts, relying instead on the movements of the Earth around the Sun to tell time to the nearest minute. It is located on the plaza between Ed Landreth Hall and the Walsh Center for Performing Arts with seating nearby and a view of the chapel and surrounding buildings.

A project funded by TCU Provost and Scotland native, Dr. Nowell Donovan, it is meant to draw together students and faculty while serving as a circle of knowledge, and occasionally serving as a classroom.

Frog Fountain
The restored Frog Fountain was installed in December of 2007. A focal point of campus life for four decades, the fountain features four stylized lotus leaves, a motif that was chosen because of the historic association of the lotus and education. The Fountain was originally placed in front of the Brown-Lupton Student Center in 1969

Nearby Places Off Campus

The following spaces near TCU are available to you to sit, to reflect, and to pray.

TCU Catholic Newman Center
The Newman Center, run by the TCU Catholic Campus Ministry, is located at 2704 West Berry Street. The center provides spaces for students to socialize, to study, and to pray.  Check their website for more information about programming and opportunities.

During finals week, Newman Center hours are Sunday-Thursday, 10am-10pm

Regular Newman Center Hours:
Sunday:           11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Monday:          7 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Tuesday:         10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Wednesday:  10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Thursday:         7 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Friday:              9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Chapel at the TCU Wesley
The TCU Wesley, a Christian campus ministry connected to the United Methodist Church, is located at 2750 West Lowden Street.  The space allows students to socialize, to study, and to pray together.  Check their website for more information about programming and opportunities.  Typically, the Wesley is open from drop-ins from 10am-2pm Monday-Thursday, but hours may vary depending on programming.

Watson Chapel at University Baptist Church
2720 Wabash Avenue
Students are welcome Monday-Thursday, 9:00-am-4:00pm. After ringing the doorbell to be buzzed in, students will sign in in the church office. An office staff member will escort them to the chapel to turn on the lights, and students will need to sign out in the office when finished. Students should dress warmly when the weather is cold as Watson Chapel will not be heated most days.

Chapel of the Good Shepherd at University Christian Church
2720 South University Drive
Students are welcome to pray in UCC’s Sanctuary and Chapel Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.- 8 p.m. pending weddings, funerals or other events.