We believe that at the foundation of all religious life is community – the connection between individuals and the growth that comes from experiencing and sharing faith together.

RSL provides advising, support & resources for over 23 diverse student religious organizations on campus that serve over 1950 students from across faith traditions, denominations and backgrounds. Groups may be centered around a shared tradition such as the Catholic Community or Muslim Student Association, connected to a national organization, such as Campus Crusade for Christ or Young Life, or focused on a special interests or projects such as music, dance, mission work or special events. Each group provides their own unique way for opportunities of worship, study, service and/or learning.

RSL provides support, advising, leadership development and general oversight for all TCU student religious organizations, leaders and staff while also addressing the changing need for new religious communities and places of expression.  We gather organization leaders together through the Council of Presidents each month and connect organizations to experts and resources through the Religious Advisory Council.

All students are invited to join any of these communities or connect with RSL staff to find a faith community off-campus or begin a new one.


Spiritually Healthy vs Unhealthy Communities

Student Religious Organizations Staff Directory

Student Religious Organizations Guide Book

Better Together

Better Together invites people from all spiritual perspectives and religious traditions to work together around a common cause that helps others in need. While we  represent various faith traditions at TCU, our hope is that by uniting around a common purpose we can promote campus-wide understanding and respect of diverse spiritual beliefs by means of communication, dialogue, education, and advocacy and serve our community. Simply put, we’re about building relationships, actively learning, and engaging in opportunities for service. All are welcome. All are accepted. No exceptions.

Student Contact: Sijil Patel

Staff Contact: Brit Luby

Meeting Time: Most Tuesdays at 6pm in Jarvis Hall

BSM (Baptist Student Ministry)

The BSM exists to reach students with the gospel, train them to imitate Christ, and send them out to multiply themselves. The BSM strives to make life change happen in the lives of college students through Bible studies and one on one discipleship with the result being an everlasting growth in their relationship with Christ.

Student Contact: Rebecca Sun

Affiliated Campus Minister: Doug Cherry

Advisor Contact: Cheryl Wilson

Meeting Time: Monday @ 6PM pm at the BSM House (2713 Wabash)

BYX – Brothers Under Christ (Beta Upsilon Chi)

A Christian fraternity, created in 1989, to establish unity among college men under the common bond of Jesus Christ.

Student Contact: Brendan Voss

Staff Contact: Tyler Fisher

Meeting Time: Tuesdays at 9:20 in Sid Richardson Lecture Hall 4

Calling in Action

The goal and passion of CIA is to spread the love of Christ and the passion of praise through dance expression. Our intent is to combine our gifts and techniques in the art of dance and incorporate them into a fervent demonstration of faith.

Student Contact: Rachel Manning

Staff Contact: Rev. Angela Kaufman 

Meeting Time: Thursdays and Sundays @ 7:00-8:30 or 8:30-10:00 in the Rec Center Multipurpose Room 2.

Campus Crusade for Christ

An interdenominational ministry to help students grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Student Contact: Tyler Staniford  email

Affiliated Campus Minister: Gary Fredricks

Advisor Contact: Dr. Steve Woodworth

Meeting Time: Tuesday @ 8:00 in the TCU Rec Center

TCU Catholic (Roman Catholic)

A Catholic campus ministry for students to appropriate their faith and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ through the sacraments, catechesis, Bible studies, retreats, community service, and other programs.

Student Contacts: Jack Schroeter and Michelle Dinh

Affiliated Campus Minister: Mr. Tom Centarri and Mrs. Carrie Centarri

Meeting Time: Sunday Mass @ 5:00 PM in Robert Carr Chapel; Wed. Mass @ 5:15 in the Newman Center (2704 W Berry St) followed by free home cooked meal in Bass 1203.

Chi Alpha (Assemblies of God)

To lift up Jesus on campus through a community of worship, fellowship, discipline, & witness. People need people to walk together with them through the journey called college (& the journey in knowing Christ.) Chi Alpha exists to bring those people together.

Student Contact: Rebecca Gonzalez

Affiliated Campus Minister: Andrew Youngblood

On Campus Advisor: Sheri Milhollin

Meeting Time:
Girls Lifegroup: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday options – 7pm -Jarvis 1st floor Lounge
Guys Lifegroup: Wednesday and Thursday options – 7pm – Room 048 in the Rec basement.


Delight is a college women’s community that grows together, serves together, learns together, and does life together while chasing the heart of God.

Student Contact: Haley Redding

Staff Contact: Vanessa Roberts-Bryan

Meeting Time: Tuesday @ 5:00 in the Robert Carr Chapel

Disciples on Campus (Disciples of Christ)

Disciples on Campus is a radically inclusive, faith family that welcomes all students to continue their spiritual journey through engaging worships, reflective studies, compassionate outreach (PB&J Mondays), and life-giving social opportunities. We seek to find and develop our spiritual centers so that we can be in better relationship with God and all of creation.

Student Contact: Kelsey Cobbs

Staff Contact: Lea McCracken

Meeting Time: Mondays @ 7:00 – Location Varies



Exodus is a four-day retreat for incoming TCU students. The purpose is to provide students with an atmosphere focused on building godly relationships and uniting them in the body of Christ at TCU.

Student Contact: Courtney Hall and Matt Brown

Staff Advisor: > Shelly Matthews

Meeting Time: September 23-25 at Camp Riverbend in Glenrose, TX

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Presents to athletes, coaches, and all they influence the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Student Contact:  Justine Rendl and Nathan Hernandez

Affiliated Campus Minister: Chauncey Franks

Staff Advisor: Matt Lewis

Meeting Time: Mondays @ 8:00 in the John Justin Center, Four Sevens Room


To provide educational, social, and religious programs for TCU students, and serve as a bridge between the University and the Jewish community. In order to learn together, have fun together and create a Jewish community all our own.

Student Contact:  Julia Finn

Staff Contact:  Hannah Black


Phi Lamb

A Christian sorority whose purpose is to establish a sisterhood among women at TCU who seek to nourish their bond with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Student Contact: Brooke Morrissy

Staff Contact: Rev. Angela Kaufman


Our hope and prayer is to unite students from across campus under one roof to hear the gospel, worship the Lord, and to be the body of Christ at TCU. As students, we desire to wake up this campus and challenge each other to live authentic, Christian lives.

Student Contact: Brendan Voss

Staff Advisor: Laura Shaw

Meeting Time: Monday @ 9:00 in various locations

International Christian Fellowship

A Christian friendship organization promoting friendships between international students and Americans. We help international students adjust to and enjoy American life and receive a well-rounded picture of this country and its people.

Student Contact: Annie Le

Campus Minister:  Ron Bunyard

Staff Contact: Dennis Cheek

Meeting Time: Friday Nights

Latter-Day Saint Student Association (LDSSA)

We are passionate and joyful followers of Christ–commonly referred to as Mormons (aka Latter-Day Saints). We desire to help students be proud of the C in TCU by raising Christian awareness and understanding through inter-faith community events, service, and speakers.  Visit https://beta.mormon.org/ to learn more.

Student Leader:  Zach Gutierrez and Sylvia Rosenkrans

Staff Advisor:  Greg Stephens

Love for Lancaster 

To bridge the gap between TCU community and the residents of Lancaster Avenue. The organization will develop authentic friendships with residents of Lancaster Ave by striving to alleviate the circumstances on an individual basis. This will be accomplished through an established awareness and involvement within the TCU community.

Student Contact: Hannah Eberts

Staff Advisor: James Petrovich

Meeting Time: Wednesday @ 5:30 PM, Friday @ 7:15 AM and Saturday @ 10:30 AM under the BLUU Archway

Muslim Student Association

Providing educational and support programs for Muslim students, promoting Muslim unity, disseminating Islamic knowledge and fostering friendly relations with non-Muslims.

Student Contact: Rafid Patel

Staff Contact: Dr. Yushau Sodiq

Meeting Time: Thursday @ 5:00-6:00 PM (will change periodically) in the Jarvis Prayer Room

Reformed University Fellowship (Presbyterian)

RUF is the campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America-PCA however you’ll find students from a wide variety of backgrounds here at TCU, because we welcome students from any and all walks of life. Our aim is to “reach students for Christ and equip them to serve in His church.”

Student Contact: Andrew Wilson

Affiliated Campus Minister: Ryan Anderson

Staff Contact: Ron Pitcock

Meeting Time: Wednesday @ 9:00 in Beck/Geren room (3rd Floor BLUU)

Student Mobilization 

Building laborers for Christ from the college campuses of the world.  We help interested students explore the relevance of faith and its relationship to personal, academic, and social concerns.

Student Contact: Raegan Arnold

Campus Advisor: Lee Taylor Walker

Affiliated Campus Minister: Stephen Click

Meeting Time: Mondays @ 9:30pm – Location Varies

TCU Wesley (United Methodist)

We’re a movement of students at TCU who are committed to growing spiritually and embodying the joy of Christ through acts of love and service to those around us. We love Jesus and think he had amazing things to teach us about how to live and the affect we should have on the world around us. We read and study his life and teachings together and do our best to live changed lives at TCU.

Student Contact: Erin Kiel

Staff Contact: Paul Massingill

Meeting Time: Wednesday @ 7:00 – dinner, and worship @ 8:00 in the Wesley House

Word of Truth Gospel Choir

Spreads the word of God through song and performances occur throughout the year.

Student Contact: Tia Johnson

Staff Contact: Rev. Angela Kaufman

Young Life

A Christian ministry that reaches out to junior high and high school-aged kids by building friendships with them and earning the right to make a positive impact on their lives. TCU Young Life also includes a college student community for fellowship, study and growth.

Student Contact: Nick DiMento

Affiliated Campus Minister: Jace Thompson

Campus Advisor: Karen Martin

Meeting Time: Sunday @ 8:49 at The Yoke 3212 Wabash Ave

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