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Advent Devotional 12/2/16

December 2, 2016, Dr. Claire Sanders
Isaiah 30: 15, 18
Expectation – the act of expecting; to expect – to wait, stay, or to look forward
In January 2014 my mother, who lives in North Carolina, downsized from a 3000 square foot house to much smaller living quarters. That sounds great, and it was a smart move, but my mother, like her mother before her, does not throw much away. In May of 2014 I began making trips back to NC expressly to clean out the house my mother had vacated. In January of 2015, I expected, looked forward to, being finished with that job by the end of the summer. My husband and I will make one another trip to NC in January 2017 to continue working on this project. I no longer try to predict when we will be finished; I’ve stopped trying to figure out what to expect in terms of an end date. We will finish, when we finish, and I’m learning to be okay with that.
What does that have to do with Advent and with Christmas? This Christmas, my goal, my expectation is simply to be. To be in the moment as fully as possible with family and friends, that’s all.
Gracious God, in this season of busy-ness, help us to be still, to be quiet so that we may be aware of your grace, and that we may be fully intentional as we set about to share the joy and love of the Advent season.  Amen.


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