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Lent Devotional 3/11/19

Today’s Devotional comes from Ed Hopkins, the new Director of Campus Ministry for TCU Catholic. TCU Catholic is busy preparing for Awakening 33.  This weekend retreat, scheduled for March 29-31, is a great way for students to connect to their faith during this Lenten season.  As a reminder, Sunday Mass is held on campus each week at 5pm in Robert Carr Chapel.  Welcome to TCU, Ed!

Devotionals will resume after Spring Break.


“Lord, you know me. Let me know you. Let me come to know you even as I am known. You are the strength of my soul; enter it and make it a place suitable for your dwelling, a possession without spot or blemish.”
– St. Augustine, Confessions


Not long ago, I was a seminarian studying for the Catholic priesthood. We seminarians were blessed with a full hour built into our daily schedule to spend with God in prayer. The Mass and the Holy Hour were without a doubt the best parts of my day. Ironically, there were always distractions that kept me from that hour. We live in a world and society that always demands more from us. Taking time to, “do nothing” with God can be viewed as a mere waste of time. However, it is in that quiet time alone with God that we hear him speaking. The idea that time spent in silence alone with God is of no value could not be further from the truth. I recently read something by Robert Cardinal Sarah where he said, “Silence is not an absence. On the contrary, it is the manifestation of a presence, the most intense of all presences.”

Lent is the liturgical season where we purify ourselves through prayer and penance. Setting aside time to be alone with God is always time well spent. When we make time for God in our daily schedule, we make space for God in our hearts. It seems the liturgical season of Lent is the perfect opportunity to turn off our phones, quiet the background noise of life, and commit some time to God so he may speak to us as we prepare ourselves for the Paschal Mystery.


Heavenly Father help us to quiet our hearts and our minds so that we can hear your voice and know the sweetness of your love.


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