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Lenten Devotional 3/26/2024

Good Afternoon! Today’s devotional comes from Hanna Newcomer Silva. Hanna is the Associate Director of TCU Wesley and is also a student at Brite Divinity School working on her Master… Read more »

Lenten Devotional 3/21/2024

Good afternoon all! Today’s devotional is written by Kim Turner. Kim is the Executive Director of Student Involvement & Traditions in Leadership & Student Involvement, and she has advised SGA… Read more »

Lenten Devotional 3-19-2024

Hello All! Today’s devotional comes from Frederick Gooding, Jr. (AKA, “Dr. G). Dr. G is the Ronald E. Moore Endowed Professor of Humanities and Associate History Professor of African American… Read more »

Lenten Devotional 3-12-2024

Good Afternoon Everyone! Today’s devotional is written by Carrie Casey. Carrie serves as a campus minister with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at TCU! After graduating from Sam Houston State… Read more »

Lenten Devotional 3-12-2024

Good morning all! Today’s devotional is written by Rev. Brett Metzler who serves as Director of Vocations for the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth and Associate Chaplain for TCU Catholic…. Read more »

Lenten Devotional 3-7-2024

Good morning all! Today’s devotional is written by Dr. Sage Elwell. He is Professor of Religion and Art and Chair of the Religion Department. As an artist himself, Dr. Elwell… Read more »

Lenten Devotional 3-5-2024

Good Afternoon! Our Lenten devotional today is written by Mihali Cosse. Mihali is a  Sophomore, Philosophy & Economics Double Major, from Shreveport, Louisiana. He is very active on campus serving… Read more »

Lenten Devotional 2-29-2024

Good Morning! Today’s devotional comes from Suzie Brewer. Suzie is a junior at TCU double majoring in Communication Studies (BS) and Writing (BA), with a Mathematics Minor. Suzie is quite… Read more »

Lenten Devotional 2-22-2024

I hope this email finds you well! Today’s devotional comes to us from Daniel Winkler. Daniel serves as the Associate Director of TCU’s Baptist Student Ministry. Daniel joined the BSM… Read more »

Lenten Devotional 2-27-2024

Good afternoon, all!  Our Lenten devotional today is written by Michael Gonzalez. Michael is currently a Lecturer in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication. Before this role, he was an… Read more »