Our office provides support for student leaders in various ways.

Student Leadership Council: Composed of the Presidents of each of our 20 Student Religious Organizations, the Council of Presidents works to bring a sense of cohesiveness to TCU’s religious climate.  By focusing on establishing CONNECTIONS between the organizations and the university, building COMMUNITY amongst our student leadership, COMMUNICATING with one another about events and resources, and COLLABORATING together in service to the TCU and Fort Worth community, the Council of Presidents demonstrates that we can accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own.  We are 20 different religious communities, but we are 1 Religious & Spiritual Life.

Religious Advisory Council: This council, formed to enhance TCU’s commitment to accommodate students of all faith traditions, meets to advise the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life on the needs of our religious communities.  Through intentional conversations and policy suggestions, this council look after the interests of religious groups on campus, particularly minority religious communities.  Nominations for representatives are solicited from across the TCU campus.

Campus Ministry Council: This group, comprised of campus ministry staff that support TCU students, meets for professional development and collaboration opportunities.