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TCU Hillel

Welcome to TCU Hillel!

TCU Hillel serves as the foundation of Jewish campus life for undergraduate and graduate students as well as Jewish faculty and staff by creating a pluralistic, welcoming and inclusive environment, TCU Hillel encourages exploration of what it means to be Jewish and empowers students to build community with one another.  With a focus on relationship-building, Hillel creates vibrant, relevant, Jewish life across campus, enhancing the accessibility of Jewish experiences for all students by connecting and inspiring participants to be actively involved in shaping their Jewish identity based on their own passions and motivations.


  • All programs are free to students
  • Religious events
    • Shabbat Dinners
    • Bagel Brunches
    • Jewish Holidays
      • Rosh Hashanah
      • Yom Kippur
      • Hanukah
      • Purim
  • Social Events
    • Dinner at Dutch’s

Ways to get involved