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The journey to college can be an unnerving and disconcerting one, and the TCU Wesley is a campus ministry that seeks to relieve part of that burden by providing grounding for student’s faith. Though affiliated with and supported by the United Methodist Church, the Wesley is open to all students and regularly has a wildly diverse worshiping population. We have weekly worship and a number of small groups and fellowship events, but these things are our byproduct, not our focus.
See, the Wesley is all about community. We bring together students who want to grow in their faith and somehow when they all head that direction together, they end up uniting together. And suddenly we’re not an organization; we’re a family. And our building? It’s not a building anymore. It’s a home.
So when students come in and eat our fruit snacks, play on the Wii, or take a nap on a couch, it’s a sign things are going right. And we hope and pray that through the Wesley community, God’s love will have the chance to transform lives.
The best way to become a part of the Wesley community and all that entails is to join us at any Wednesday Worship from 7 to 9pm at our building (2750 W. Lowden). We start the night off with free dinner and then have an hour of worship through song and message. If you live on campus, meet at Frog Fountain at 6:45pm to walk over with a group. We’d love to have you join us!
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