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International Christian Fellowship

International Christian Fellowship
ICF is a Christian-based, non-profit organization serving and helping international students at TCU. We are a group of people dedicated to share love and faith with international student community by helping them with physical and/or spiritual needs that they might have. On every Friday night, we have a Bible study on campus. Throughout the school year, ICF has various events and activities including welcome party, Thanksgiving party, Christmas party, and Easter party. Also, ICF has two programs – language partner program and host family program that are intended to help international students adjust to the campus life and academic life in the U.S.
One important thing we have been doing is socialization. We want each international student to know that a group of people care about you and always have you in the prayers. Another thing we have been doing is helping new international students adjust to the changes and differences such as cultural shock, language barrier, and transportation limitation in the U.S. ICF is the only organization being committed to this volunteering community service for international students at TCU, which are around 400 people.
If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Han Jia, the President, at


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