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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA is a Christian organization that is coming from an athletic perspective, but this organization takes anyone in and loves all who want to hear about the Gospel. Fellowship of Christian Athletes is held at Texas Christian University every Monday at 7 pm in the DMC Meyer Martin Room under the guidance of Chaplain Chauncey Franks. This unique group on campus takes time on Mondays to give worship services, play games, and have speakers come in to give a message. This organization loves new members and accepts anyone to come, and here is the great part you don’t have to be an athlete. Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a loving group of people who wants nothing more than to share their time with everyone it can on campus. This year in 2013 FCA hopes to partner up more with Religious and non-religious organizations to give back to the community as they want to see that Fort Worth community impacted for the better. Chauncey Franks has grown this group in the last three years and it is now a well-respected organization on campus. The goal of the whole organization is to be a big impact on the community of students at TCU which numbers in the 9,000 range. The student body FCA believes is the key to the campus as they make up most of the body of the campus. In the end, FCA is an open organization who loves Jesus and who loves spreading the Gospel through anyone it can, and it respects and wants to be friends with those who have different beliefs than them.
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