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Author: tcufaith

Lenten Devotional 3/28/2019

Today’s reflection comes from David Abshire, Residence Hall Director for Samuelson and Carter Halls.  I love seeing David on campus because he always greets me with abounding enthusiasm.  He values… Read more »

Lenten Devotional 3/26/2019

Today’s reflection comes to us from Dr. Charlotte Hogg, a professor in the TCU English Department.  I had the privilege of taking a creative non-fiction writing class from her many… Read more »

Lenten Devotional 3/22/19

Today’s devotional comes to us from an actual human ray of sunshine, Vanessa Roberts Bryan.  As Assistant Dean of Student Development Services, Vanessa provides leadership and infectious energy to a… Read more »

Lenten Devotional 3/20/19

Today’s devotional comes to us from Rev. Megan Peglar, Admissions Associate at Brite Divinity School.  An ordained Disciples of Christ minister and graduate of TCU and Brite, Megan brings wisdom… Read more »

Lenten Devotional 3/18/2019

Reading: [This blessing] is simply here because there is nothing a blessing is better suited for than an ending, nothing that cries out more for a blessing than when a… Read more »

Lent Devotional 3/11/19

Today’s Devotional comes from Ed Hopkins, the new Director of Campus Ministry for TCU Catholic. TCU Catholic is busy preparing for Awakening 33.  This weekend retreat, scheduled for March 29-31,… Read more »

Advent Devotional 2: 12/7

Week 1: Advent Begins There are some people who make this campus a better place, not only by the nature of their work and how they do it, but by… Read more »

Advent Devotional 1: 12/4

Week 1: Advent Begins Good morning.  It’s that time of year again, as we enter into the Advent season we’ll be marking the weeks ahead by sharing heartful devotionals written by… Read more »