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Advent Devotional, Joy, Matt Warwick

Advent blessings! 
 Today’s devotional is written by Matt Warwick.  Matt is a communication major and political science minor at TCU.  He is also the president of TCU’s Religious and Spiritual Life group, Love for Lancaster.  Matt leads TCU students multiple times every week to head to Lancaster street in Fort Worth and spend time with our neighbors who are facing homelessness.  Love for Lancaster students build relationships with their neighbors on Lancaster by listening, sharing kindness, giving respect, and treating everyone they encounter as equal children of God.  Both the students and the residents of Lancaster are changed through these relationships.  Matt doesn’t just do this on Lancaster, but throughout his life!  He doesn’t keep his faith to himself.  He regularly shares the love and gifts he receives from God to make a difference in the world around him.
 In this devotional, Matt reminds us that although the TV and Christmas Carols tell us we should be joyful this time of year, we are often far from it.   Many of us find ourselves filled with strife, worry and sadness. For many of our homeless neighbors, the cold of winter makes Christmas an incredibly hard time.  I can only imagine that Mary and Joseph, on the night of Jesus’ birth..after days of travel, not being able to find a room to stay in, and giving birth in a stable…were filled with strife.  Yet, in the midst of this strife, joy was born into the world.  Matt’s words remind us that when we trust our struggles to God, they may not disappear, but we can find joy, wisdom, and love in the middle of them.
 God’s joy to you, Allison
An Advent Devotional, By Matt Warwick
Wisdom comes from advice
“Where there is strife, there is pride, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.” –Proverbs 13:10
Lately I have been dealing with this strife. Strife which is the disagreement over fundamental issues or conflict, has combated with me the past few weeks. Whether it has been in friendships, schoolwork, or work, strife has been everywhere the last month for me. Fortunately, I came upon this verse in Proverbs 13 during my quiet time with Christ a few days ago.
Thankfully, it has allowed me to get through life the past few days. Through my struggles and fights the past month I have been able to take them to God, get advice and be at peace. Going forward over the break and next semester, I do not know what God has in store for me or for anyone. However, I do know that if we turn to him for advice, we will gain wisdom and understanding on what his will is for us next.
Today, I leave you with a prayer, which I have used the past few days that has let me settle into this peace through this advice.
Jesus, let me turn to you during quarrel and conflict.
May I fill myself up with your love and will for me.
Grant me wisdom going forward with all of my struggles.
And allow me to understand and trust in you. Amen.


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