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TCU Interfaith Initiative

Religious life at TCU is diverse, vibrant, and accommodating for students of all faith traditions. To encourage communication and understanding among all religious groups, the Office of Religious and Spiritual life sponsors several interfaith initiatives.  The TCU Interfaith Initiative gathers students to celebrate individual beliefs, to learn about one another, and to work together to change the world.

  • Better Together: If the prospect of building common ground between yourself and people of other backgrounds intrigues you, then Better Together is a community for you!  TCU Better Together is an intentional interfaith student religious organization that focuses on building community across faith boundaries among our students.  Better Together does this by engaging in interfaith experiences through visiting local places of worship from a variety of religious traditions and through partnering together in service to others.  All are welcome, all are accepted, no exceptions.  It’s our hope that by doing this important work we will show the world around us that we are, in fact, better together.


  • John Butler Interfaith Fellows: Beginning in the fall if 2019, the RSL John Butler Interfaith Fellows will assist in coordinating and facilitating various interfaith campus offerings. Fellows seek to enhance campus cooperation and leadership to promote deeper understanding, respect, and celebration of diverse spiritual identities


  • Religious Advisory Council: This council, formed to enhance TCU’s commitment to accommodate students of all faith traditions, meets to advise the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life on the needs of our religious communities.  Through intentional conversations and policy suggestions, this council look after the interests of religious groups on campus, particularly minority religious communities.  Nominations for representatives are solicited from across the TCU campus.


  • Crossroads Lecture: The annual Crossroads Lecture address topics related to faith and public life, and lectures frequently address interfaith issues.  Through lively dialogue, guest speakers tackle topics from a variety of diverse perspectives.

To explore more about the TCU Interfaith Initiative and its partners, find us on Facebook, visit one of our partners online, or contact Britt Luby via email,

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