Exploring Christian Practices


Daily devotionals offers daily devotionals, a time to listen, pause, and think and a call to action to live out faith in the world.

Sacred Space Prayer Site 

Sacred Space offers daily lectionary prayer and interactive prayer forums.

The Fetzer Institute 

The Institute engages with people and programs working to bring the power of love and forgiveness to the center of individual, organizational and community life. Fetzer creates and supports projects that serve as healing forces in a divided world, and that spread knowledge about how individuals everywhere can be more loving and forgiving in daily life.

Upper Room Devotionals 

Upper Room Ministries meets the spiritual needs of people through devotional magazines, dozens of books and printed resources, a ministry of intercessory prayer, and programs of guided study.

The Text This Week Blog 

Religious study, preaching, and worship resources, links, and thoughts.

SALT Project 

Dedicated to reclaiming and sharing the beauty of Christian life through film, photography, music, poetry, and ideas.