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Write-In Campaign "This I Believe"

Student Caroline Dillon has created a new blog “Under Lock and Key” to be hosted by Religious and Spiritual Life’s larger blog “This I Believe.” The title “Under Lock and Key” grew out of a troubling sentiment about male versus female sexual behavior Caroline heard circulating campus: A good key can unlock many locks, while a bad lock is unlocked by many keys. With the help of Allison Lanza, Associate Chaplain, Caroline hopes to explore and promote awareness of the sexual double standard on campus.  The sexual double standard is understood by gender scholars Kreager and Staff as a social phenomenon by which “sexual behaviors are judged differently depending on the gender of a sexual actor.” This project is not about assessing the morality or ethics of sexuality but instead to reconcile and rectify the underlying mindsets that place undo scrutiny and pressure on females to conform to an often impossible standard. By constructing a safe place for people to share their personal experiences and beliefs, we hope to foster an understanding community of like-minded individuals who can support each other and raise consciousness. The blog, “Under Lock and Key”, hopes to accomplish this goal. The first event is a write-in event to generate interest in the project and provide the first content for the blog. The event will occur on Thursday March, 27 in the Jarvis Hall lounge at 2:30. Please join for snacks and thought-provoking conversation. 


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