TCU’s This I Believe Project, modeled after the nation-wide This I Believe program, exists to encourage the TCU community to explore, name and share their beliefs. We ask the basic question, “What Do You Believe?” in classrooms, organizations and at events encouraging individuals to submit short essays that together, tell the stories of TCU. We do this to celebrate the diverse beliefs and stories that make up our campus, to encourage the practice of storytelling and to come together around shared values.

Ways to get involved:

Write–anyone connected with the campus community is encourage to explore what they believe and choose a particular belief or passion to put into words.
Read– TCU’s collection of selected stories from students, faculty & staff at
Join–passionate about the project? Join the street team which hosts casual, open come and go events that encourage people to think about what they believe and why.


Host an Event–If you would like to host an event or want to use a This I Believe publication for a class assignment or organization project, we can assist with curriculum, ideas, examples and best practices. Contact us at .

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