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TCU Student Reflection on Passion 2014

Passion was such an amazing, inspirational event. Leading up to the event, I really didn’t know what I wanted to get out of the conference or what God wanted to teach me until the first night during the first session. I was so in awe of God’s presence when I was surrounded by close to 20,000 or more college students along with Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, and Matt Redman worshipping that weekend. I had not been in such an intimate setting like this until Passion. I would have to say my favorite two moments of the entire conference besides hearing Beth Moore and Louie Giglio speak (which really made me think about my relationship with Christ) was on Friday night and Saturday afternoon when we celebrated over 200 college students who accepted and chose to follow Christ!! Second best moment was to see how many people during Louie Giglio’s teaching about being stunned, seared, and sent by God, how many college students stood up around the stadium committing to live as missionaries wherever they may be called to go. Through worship, teachings from local and national authors and preachers, gathering with thousands of other college students who believe in the same things that I do, and personal time being immersed in God’s love and setting things straight with God in my relationship with Him, I am so set to go again next year and hope we can bring more TCU students with us.
Ashley Marsh


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