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Lenten Devotional 4-5-22

TCU Family,

Today’s Lenten Devotional is written by Connor Rodriguez. Connor is a TCU alumnus (Class of 2018) and current medical student at the TCU School of Medicine (Class of 2023). In 2020, Connor and a few of his classmates founded the Christian Medical Association at the School of Medicine. Connor is passionate about sharing the Lord with others and bringing fellow believers together in community. May his words speak to you as we enter the final days of Lent.

“We are Shielded”

Reading: Isaiah 54:17,  “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.”

Reflection:  This verse is referencing how the people of God were feeling broken and confused. However, as the verse implies, God promises that He will turn things around. This promise becomes ours too when we become children of God by faith in Jesus.

This scripture doesn’t say the weapon won’t be formed. We know that the enemy likes to form weapons against us. However, the verse does say that the weapon will not prosper against the power of the Lord.

Similarly, Psalms doesn’t say we won’t face trials. Psalms tells us we will experience trials and tribulations, but we won’t be destroyed by them. It promises that we are overcoming and will overcome any weapon that is brought against us.

Scripture makes clear that your calling comes with a battle. It is not easy doing the Lord’s work. The enemy raises weapons with the goal of pulling you away from the Lord. The enemy uses weapons that will try to distract you, mislead you, and harm you. What weapons or trials are testing your faith in the Lord? Acknowledge them, then give them to God.

It is important to remember that the Christian life is full of blessings, and at times there are battles. Fear not – God is on your side. The Lord is fighting for you. Psalm 5:12 tells us that the Lord surrounds us with favor like a shield. This favor is beyond what is due or deserved. How wonderful and comforting is it to know and rest in the fact that God is surrounding us with His favor at all times?

We must remember these truths. We can do so by staying in faith through church, community, prayer, and worship. There is no rest for the weary. The Lord will provide and be there when you are feeling defeated or ready to give up. He keeps his promises. No matter how bad your situation may be at the moment, it just means God is not done! Realize that your challenges are opportunities for growth closer to God. Trust in Him and you won’t be as shaken when a weapon is formed.

A Prayer for the Weak, Broken, and Confused:
For perseverance, peace, and favor for those who are facing trials and tribulations, that they may rest in the Lord as He surrounds them like a shield; that they may place their faith in Jesus as they fervently share the Word of God in the face of adversity. Heavenly Father, we pray that our brothers and sisters, who are feeling weak, broken, and confused, keep the faith, and find the way to You as they navigate uncertain times. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.


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