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Lenten Devotional 3-11-21

Good Afternoon,

Today’s devotional is written by Leah Carnahan. Leah serves as the Assistant Director of Title IX Advocacy and Education. She is an instrumental part of the TCU CARE (Campus Advocacy, Resources & Education) team serving as the TCU Confidential Advocate. Leah is a cradle Episcopalian, TCU Religion grad, and her first job after TCU was as the Assistant to the Rector for Campus Ministry at St. Mary’s Church Foggy Bottom, the first African American Episcopal community in the City of Washington D.C., founded in 1867. She is currently a member at Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth. Enjoy!



“The word ‘listen’ contains the same letters as the word ‘silent’.” – Alfred Brendel



For many years, I viewed Lent as a solemn time in the church year that was spent giving something up and being focused on myself and my actions. As I have gotten older, my perception and personal experience with Lent has evolved and changed. I use the Lenten season as a time to re-commit to my faith and re-new my love of God. I no longer focus on giving something up, but rather take on something new or focus on improving things I already do. In many ways it is like a spiritual new year’s resolution, but one I am much better at keeping. Lent is my favorite season in the church year.

This year I struggled a bit thinking about what I would take on or focus on for Lent. I waited and listened for God. Through years of experience I have learned to stop and listen, for often my plans and thoughts are not what God has in store for me. This has been a year in which we all have probably asked a lot of God. For health, for safety, for justice and for peace. Through all this asking, have we really listened or have we filled our spaces with noise to help distract from the distress and trauma surrounding us. It is easy to ask for God’s help, but it is quite another to sit in the silence and truly listen.

I challenge us all to make space to listen and find solace in the silence.



O God, creator of every good gift, open our hearts and minds to hear your word. Guide us with your spirit to find comfort in the silence, listen for your call in our lives, and move us to serve you and our world, so much in need, that we may filled with your eternal love and sprit. All this we ask through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


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