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Lent Devotional 4/10/20 – Good Friday

Good morning Horned Frogs.  While we may be separated by the miles, I hope each of us is still seeking out ways to stay in relationship with one another and with God, especially as we move through Holy Week.  The rituals and rhythms of our faith traditions surely look different for us these days.  I know they do for me. Some of us may connect in small groups online, listen to livestreamed worship or just find quiet spaces for prayer that this year are quiet in a different way. Whatever our time may look like, I believe what matters is just that we continue to carve it out  – no matter what goes on around us.

So our devotional as we end this week comes from my beloved colleague and friend Tracy Rundstrom Williams.  Tracy is a gifted leader, a thoughtful scholar and a long-time committed member of our horned frog family. Above all, she is one who is committed to helping students and indeed all of us, see the world beyond ourselves and not just get to know, but also serve our neighbors near and far. Never has her calling and heart been more important than perhaps now, as we care for our campus, our communities, our families and friends in new and uncharted ways. Today she helps us prayerfully reflect on how we turn to God  – who through everything is always our light in the darkness. I hope her words encourage you as much as they have me.

As a reminder, you can find previous devotionals on our devotionals web page. As importantly, you can find other spiritual and general care resources, including information about the Frog Family Crisis Fund on our care and support page.   All my best and all my prayers as always as we move into the Easter weekend.  Even though Lent is drawing to a close we’ll have another devotional or reflection next week, so “see” you then!

A Reading for Good Friday

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. ~ John 1:5

This Week’s Reflection

These feel like dark times in many ways. Whether it is the stress of new ways of learning and what feels like more work; the worries of illness for ourselves and our loved ones; the sense of loss and disappointment as don’t see one another and special events are cancelled; the fear of what’s next.

God always reminds us that we can turn to him for a light in the darkness, but sometimes that doesn’t feel like enough. He doesn’t take away the assignments due. He doesn’t turn back the clock for missed events. He doesn’t bring more masks and gloves to the many who need them.

But He does provide solace and comfort. He does promise to be by our side through everything. And He does encourage us to be lights to others.

We are a culture of “doers,” and this period of time is particularly challenging. The thing we are called to do is stay at home. To forgo our goods, our comforts, our independence for others.

However, I believe in all places of challenge and despair, God is actually creating space for us to grow closer to him, and space for us to be more like Jesus. During this season where I seem to have limited access to people, I have more time to sit quietly outside and speak to God. During this time when I feel different kinds of work pressure, I am drawn to thank God for these new opportunities to draw upon my strengths. During this time when I feel like I can’t do anything to help, I have more time to pray for others who can: healthcare workers, scientists, leaders, manufacturers. During this time when I feel overwhelmed, I realize that I actually never could get through life alone, but I can with God.


Dear Lord, thank you for being a light in the darkness, for calming my soul and providing me solace and hope. May I be reminded of new opportunities to draw you in and call upon you.


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