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Ignite is such a blessing of the community of Jesus gathering together to worship as a whole community. The entire community of believers coming together to worship God under one roof is such an experience that it astounds us every week. The unifying power that the love of Christ has on a community of people is shown so evidently by the fact that people from all walks of life on campus come to Ignite every week to worship. This service is a gift to that community so that they can follow the motto “come as you are” and just show up on a Monday night. That is what makes Ignite so special, that fact that students can just show up and hear amazing worship from Matt Wheeler and the band and then get to hear a great message from a pastor in the area. Then they can do all of this while potentially meeting a few new people that they would never have met anywhere else if it wasn’t for the fact that they all knew who Jesus Christ was when He lived and who He is to them now. That bond that brings people together is one that is so uplifting and inspiring and it is so valuable to this campus


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