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Disciples on Campus

Disciples on Campus (DOC) is a student religious organization on campus affiliated with the Christian Church Disciples of Christ denomination, but we welcome people of all religious backgrounds and denominations. Our goal is to be able to truly say that “We are one body, one community, in Christ on a journey to wholeness.” One way we do this is through weekly gatherings on Thursdays at 7:00 called CommUnity where we gather to worship, learn, and grow together as a community. Have you ever found yourself without a lunch on a Monday? Well we’ve got you covered with free PB&J Mondays where you can make your own sandwich between 11:45 and 1:15 in the library mall. How many times do you get to sit down with a group of people and just read the Bible? Well we do it over lunch every Thursday in Jarvis from 11:30-12:30. Ever wish that you had the right tools to start college? In the fall, we have Toolbox where freshmen and transfer students can come to get advice from upperclassmen. Throughout the year we also play ultimate frisbee, go on camping trips and retreats, have bible studies, participate in off campus service opportunities, and have other nights where we grow in fellowship. Through all of these activities and more, we hope to provide a religious community where students can grow in their faith as well as in their relationships with others during their college years.
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