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Day 2- Tuesday By Jelene Wong and Brenda Mapel

We started the day visiting Vanderbilt Divinity School. We took a short tour of the campus and then sat in on a class, Constructive Christian Theology II. Later we visited with Katherine Smith, the assistant dean of admission, vocation, and stewardship at Vanderbilt Divinity. We spent the majority of the time discussing how social justice is acted out on campus and we can live out justice. The conversations that grew from our tour challenged us to think of ways we can incorporate social justice into our futures. Vanderbilt Divinity is definitely doing a beautiful thing. Their mission to include all perspectives with love shines bright in all aspects of their work.
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In the afternoon we visited the Nashville Food Project. The leader, Tallu Schulyer Quinn, came back from the Peace Corps and was inspired by the way that people handle food in other countries. The organization started by first just delivering food to people in need, but then grew into bringing people together to grow, cook, and share nourishing food with the goals of cultivating community and alleviating hunger in our city. There are 3 locations to the program: the garden, the kitchen, and the food trucks. Today we volunteered in the garden where they focus on growing organic food intensely in urban plots, and share resources with others interested in growing their own food.
We got to shovel dirt into a truck bed, plant green onions, hoe lines of dirt, and clean up the garden plot. It was sacred to get back to the earth and remember what a beautiful creation God
has made for us all to enjoy and cultivate together.
At the end of the day we sat down and spoke with Trey Flowers, one of the ministers at Woodmont Christian Church and our fantastic host. Trey shared with us how social justice plays into is life. We talked deeply about charity and justice and how both are important when trying to positively change the world.
Overall, the day was fantastic. We were able to meet some very inspirational people and get our hands a little dirty.


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