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Breathe in the New

A former history professor at TCU told me that even years after his retirement, seeing campus with its yellow brick buildings, bright tulip beds, and iconic frog statues and fountains during school breaks never felt right. A college campus was supposed to be swarming with students in and out of buildings, heading to class, playing frisbee on the lawn, talking and laughing, reading under a tree, everything that students are wont to do, he said. The campus is supposed to be brimming with activity, full and purposeful. In the summer and over breaks, it’s fairly empty.
Over the past few weeks, however, we’ve been getting there. The last few orientations have come through. Upperclassmen and -women are returning, and first year students are moving into their dorms. Offices are busy and we’re breathing life into our beautiful campus.
What a time to breathe life into ourselves. We, too, are meant to be full; we have purpose.
It would be easy to rush into this year with a purpose of being busy. There’s so much to do: academic, social, and extracurricular opportunities pop up every week. We could fill our calendars and our lives to the brim with hectic to-do lists simply for the sake of accomplishing it all.
But neither this campus nor our lives are fulfilled by sheer busyness for the sake of movement. It’s not the number of students present that makes TCU come alive; it’s their passion, their learning, and their journeys. And what makes us come alive is living fully, deeply, and with purpose. Let this be a year activated by the heart, led by the soul. Come alive with intentionality in seizing moments, cherishing memories, and seeking opportunities to grow mind, body, and soul. Nourish yourself with purposeful conversations, uplifting relationships, and intentional actions.
This is why we’re here. The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life is here to promote the faith and cultivate the spirit of the TCU student. Twenty-five student organizations under our umbrella all seek to complement each other in serving the unique needs of this dynamic, gifted, student population that is filled with purpose. Our chaplains, campus ministers, interns, and staff hope to fill this year with service to our TCU community on the individual level.
We are here for you. Our purpose is to connect, to nourish, and to promote fulfillment. We cannot wait to connect with you, to learn from you, and to invite your participation in whatever event or community fulfills you. Visit us in person in Jarvis Hall, online at, on Facebook under TCU Faith and Spirit, on Twitter and Instagram as @TCURSL. RSL offers valuable resources such as community, programming, and pastoral counselling–talking through your faith, your life. We also have links and information to connect you with our student faith and religious organizations.
We welcome all members of the TCU family back to a full campus and into the 2014-2015 academic year. May it be full, purposeful, invigorating, and empowering. May we all breathe in its newness and go forward new ourselves.
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