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Advent Devotional 5 -2020

Today’s reflection comes from Father Jonathan Wallis.  Fr. Wallis serves as the Director and Chaplain for the TCU Newman Center.  He also serves as the Vicar General for the Diocese of Fort Worth.  His connection with TCU is lengthy, having graduated in 1996 with a degree in Music Education.  We are lucky to have him back in Fort Worth and supporting our Catholic students on campus.


John 14:27 – Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.


Growing up in more northern climes, the first snowfall of the year brought great joy and peace to my heart. The regular world was not just covered over but transformed. Barren, leafless trees took on a new splendor draped in snow and ice. Landscapes that were familiar revealed different aspects under a blanket of snow.

There was a hush that fell outside that was not unnatural, but certainly was not normal. The regular pattern of life was interrupted by a moment of quiet and peace. I imagine that the peace Christ gives us is something like the first snowfall of the year.

In the season of Advent, we prepare for the coming of Christ — the Prince of Peace. The season of Advent offers a pause in the regular rhythms and preoccupations of life. We have the opportunity to see the old and familiar from a new perspective. We are offered a moment of transformation.

The first snowfall of the year offered the opportunity to see a wonderful connection between the old and the new. Familiar landscapes were transformed by a new covering of snow. The coming of Christ offers us the same opportunity; we see what is old and familiar in our lives and how they may be transformed by Christ.

In this time of Advent, let us see our lives from a new perspective. May we see how they may be transformed by Christ and his peace.

Let us pray.

We ask that you renew the gift of peace in our hearts.
Grant us the grace to be instruments of your transforming peace in the world.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.


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