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A Reflection on Awakening…

Since Awakening is approaching soon and spots are available to go, here is a reflection on Awakening by Caitlin Jordan, a senior double psychology & religion major from Kansas CIty, KS. She was excited to share her experience with everyone in hopes of raising awareness of the awesome opportunity here at TCU. ~ Katherine Wright, RSL Social Media Intern
I have been on a lot of different types of spiritual retreats, but Awakening is by far the most unique and humbling retreat experience I’ve ever had. As a Disciple of Christ, I assumed the retreat was exclusively for Catholics, but that is definitely NOT the case- it is open to all Christian faiths and I met a lot of new people from different religious groups on campus! Awakening has, without a doubt, been the best spiritual experience during my time at TCU and I totally recommend it to anyone looking for a new and refreshing way to grow in their faith!


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