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A note to TCU graduates from Religious and Spiritual Life

Dear graduating seniors,
You are about to take a big step.  Transitioning from college to the rest of life is a step you will treasure, remember, and look back on for years to come.  It is a step that takes courage, hope, and faith.  As you take this step, know that your TCU family goes with you.  We will hold you closely in our prayers and cheer you on as you enter new adventures.
We pray that wherever you go you will find tables to sit at and people to sit with.  Remember the first time you sat in the BLUU alone and afraid.  Remember the people who began to come and sit with you and became your TCU family. In Disciples of Christ churches we come to the communion table every week.  It is a place where everyone is welcome and where we find the community and the bread and the cup of God that nourish and sustain us. We pray that as you set out on new adventures you will find the people and places that nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Find your new home.
We pray that you will share the bread and the cup. As you go out and meet new people we pray that you will share with them the things that they need for nourishment.  Share God’s love as it has been shared with you. Share kind words, a meal, justice, forgiveness, love and a smile. Think of all the people that have encouraged, taught, and helped you become the person you are today.  Give them thanks and then go and do that for someone else. Welcome and nourish others as you have been welcomed and nourished here at TCU.
We pray that you continue to grow in your spirituality and that you never stop learning.  Pray, question, rethink, and imagine.  Keep asking questions and never settle for easy answers.  Just because school is over, it doesn’t mean that learning is over. Continue to read, listen, explore and experiment.  Treat everyone you encounter as a potential teacher. Keep seeking out our dear Creator and Sustainer and see where you might be led.
We pray that you will thrive. We pray that you will continue to listen for God’s still small voice calling to you.  Frederick Buechner said that God calls us to the place where the world’s deepest needs and our deepest gladness meet.  Find what makes your spirit happy.  Find what you are good at.  Develop your skills.  Recall what you learned here and put your education to work. Use your gifts, talents and knowledge to help meet the world’s deepest needs.  You have been educated to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.  Now go and do it! We pray that you find yourself fully alive.
Most of all we pray that you know how deeply loved you are.  This community loves and cares about you and will always welcome you with open arms.  The love of God which is ever present will never leave you. You are so loved just as you are.
You have left your mark on our community and you will be greatly missed.   When you feel alone, scared and overwhelmed, picture us cheering Riff Ram and know that we believe in you and are cheering you on every step of the way!  We can’t wait to celebrate with you as you leave your horned frog mark on the world around you!
You are ready!  You’ve got this!  Go Frogs!
God’s love and peace to you,
Rev. Allison Lanza and TCU Religious and Spiritual Life


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